Self Defense and Assertivness

I believe
that every person
should feel safe and strong.

But of course that's not always the case. You are sometimes faced with unpleasant verbal harassment, manipulation, sexual intimidation or more violet attacks such as rape, hate crimes or robbery.

A training in self defense and assertiveness can provide you with information and skills needed to maintain personal safety. A broad range of strategies will provide an effective and flexible response to various forms of verbal and physical aggression.

Specific components of the training include:

  • Prevention Skills
    Knowing about "victim-selection" and learning how to actively use "unvictimlike behaviors" helps to discourage selection as a target by an aggressor.
  • Situation-Assessment
    Learning about appropriate and effective strategies for preventing escalation of a situation which can reach the point of physical aggression.
  • De-escalation and Confrontation Skills
    In role-plays we will practice verbal, non-verbal and psychological skills useful in preventing sexual violence and aggression.
  • Self Defense
    We will practice evasions, releases and counter attacks such as striking and kicking techniques. Knowing how to defend in threatening situations and accessing your physical power also helps you to use all the other strategies with determination and conviction.

Who is the teacher?

My name is Maloush Köhler, I am German but have lived in Amsterdam since 1985. I started teaching self defense and assertiveness training in 1984 in Berlin.

I have experience with:

  • Training for women and girls
  • Training for people who have to deal with aggression in job situations
  • Training for Deaf people
  • Training for people with disabilities
  • Training for self defense teachers

I have taught in several different countries both in Europe and in the U.S.

I speak German, Dutch, English and French and German and Dutch sign language.

Martial Arts background:

  • 6 years Jiu Jitsu
  • 14 years Shuri Ryu Okinawan Karate
  • Certified Self defense teacher since 1989

I am available to teach workshops or courses tailored to your needs. Often I teach women groups, but if you wish I can teach mixed groups also.

Length of course is dependant upon your needs.

Please feel free to contact me regarding trainings and fees.

Telephone or fax: 0031-20-6825912 or e-mail:

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