Self Defense and Assertivness

Training for Deaf people

Deaf and hard of hearing people often learned well
to judge the intention of an opponent
by their mimics and bodylanguage.
Hearing people offen get misled by their words.

I have been teaching selfdefense for the Deaf and hard of hearing since 1990. Mostly I teach women groups. I also work a lot in schools for the deaf, with girls- and sometimes also with boys-groups. I also have experiences in teaching Deaf-blind and blind grownups and teenagers.

For teaching I can use Dutch and German sign-language, and I have studied the different methods and approches for years.

In the Netherlands as well as in Germany I have taught teachers in the teaching methods for the Deaf.

Please contact me, if you want further information.

Telephone or fax: 0031-20-6825912 or e-mail:

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